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Our new compact Minisphere is not only the air conditioning unit with the fastest installation – at only 38 kg it is also the ideal lightweight solution for all minibuses.

The unit can be installed with minimum investment in labor and time, making it an attractive option for retrofitting. It is also “mini” in terms of running costs.


A/C CC355


Striving to meet customer demands coupled with years of experience,  Valeo has created a unit that is very lightweight, quiet in operation and powerful in performance. The CC product line stands for quality and reliability. The low profile and slim design gives the unit a modern look that provides an integrated appearance with the bus.

REVO ® E.jpg


The all-electric REVO ®-E rooftop unit for hybrid, electric, and trolley buses is characterized in particular by intelligent energy management, i.e. demand-oriented production of cool air depending on the available energy, and special compressor integration. The extremely compact electric compressor is located on the roof and not, as hitherto, at the rear of the vehicle. This has obvious advantages and due to the integration of all refrigerant-conducting components the closed system is more efficient, leak-proof and virtually maintenance-free.


A/C REVO ® Global

With “REVO ® Global” Valeo is offering an innovative product range from scratch. We focused our knowledge and experience gained from global markets on a completely new product - one that fits just about on any bus - regardless of the climatic region, bus type or performance class in which they are used.
REVO ® Global is considered the new international benchmark.


A/C CC430

The best in its class!

Air conditioner specially designed for application in double decker coaches - with high performance of the product.


A/C CC225

Designed for hot countries according to European standards

The powerful CC225 roof top units, with 25kW, were specially designed for reliable climate comfort in midibuses.

Ideal for either initial equipment or retrofitting, all models guarantee a cool interior at high outside temperature. High efficient radial blowers assure best air-flow and the units have a very small impact on fuel consumption due to low weight and high COP.



The technical concept of the CityVent ventilation unit brings a fresh wind into the city bus. Due to the high radial blower airflow volume of 2,000 m³/h the CityVent also achieves pleasant, uniform air movement in the passenger compartment when the vehicle is at a standstill. Special mention must be given to the highly efficient rainwater separation, which enables the ventilator to be operated even in heavy rain. The concept works with 100% fresh air and satisfies the usual ventilation standards for city buses.

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